The $9 adult ticket and $1 kids ticket allows you admission for two movies playing on the same screen. Parking spaces are first come first serve, and we suggest you plan to arrive early in order to secure a prime viewing spot and to avoid longer ticket lines close to show time. The box office closes shortly after the beginning of the final movie.

The audio for the movies is broadcast through an FM transmitter, and you must have a working, FM radio in order to hear the movies. Be sure that your car battery is strong enough to power your radio throughout the show. It is a good idea to run your car at intermission, please keep headlights turned off. We offer jump-starts; however, wait times are excessive on busy nights. Please leave your hood up if you need a jump. We do not offer jump-starts until all customers have been cleared from the ticket lines.

We have a snack bar offering popcorn, soft drinks, candy, and other food items. The snack bar is operated by an independent, unrelated, operator.

Show times vary with the seasons. Approximate Gate Opening Times are:
      Monday through Thursday 45 min before showtime
      Friday and Saturday 1.5 hours before showtime
      Sunday 1 hour before showtime

Admission prices:
      Adult admission: $9.00 (Ages 10 years and older)
      Children: $1.00 (Ages 5 through 9 years)
  • All ticket lane sells tickets to all screens
  • Large SUVs should park in the back half of the theatre, so you do not block the view of other movie goers.
  • Hatchbacks that extend beyond the roof of the car must remain closed.
  • For your safety, sitting outside of your vehicle is strongly discouraged; however, if you assume the risk to do so, you must remain within the confines of your vehicle s parking space
  • For your safety, barbeques and open fires are not allowed
  • Switching screens is not allowed; you must remain in the screen for which you bought a ticket (includes turning your car around to watch a movie on another screen)
  • Pay upon entry. We do not offer advanced ticket sales or gift cards at this time
  • Visa, MasterCard, and most debit cards are accepted at the box office
  • NO CASH REFUNDS, under any circumstances
  • We are open every night 7 days a week
  • We are open during all weather conditions, unless weather conditions are so severe that proper exhibition of the movies is precluded, or customer safety is compromised
  • You may not sit on your vehicle so as to obscure the view of the screen by other patrons
  • High profile vehicles must park so as not to obscure the view of the screen by other patrons, and high profile vehicles may be refused admittance if suitable parking is not available
  • Speed limit on the premises is 5 miles per hour
  • No alcohol, marijuana, or drugs are allowed
  • No firearms or weapons of any kind are allowed
  • No animals are allowed
  • Patrons found concealing anyone in their vehicle, for the purpose of avoiding purchasing a ticket, will be expelled, without refund
  • All vehicles are subject to search
  • We reserve the right to refuse admittance to anyone